Internal Spline Shaft Sleeve Coupling



   Product Description

Name Shaft Coupling
Material Carbon steel, steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, brass, etc.
Hole Round hole, D-shaped hole, tapered hole, etc.
Producing Equipment CNC machine , automatic lathe machine,stamping machine,CNC milling machine,rolling machine, lasering, tag grinding machine etc.
Machining Process Gear Hobbing, Gear Milling, Gear Shaping, Gear Broaching,Gear Shaving, Gear Grinding and Gear Lapping
Testing Equipment Projecting apparatus, Salt Spray Test, Durometer, and Coating thickness tester, 2D projector
Specification Standard or Custom made
Heat treatment High frequency quenching
Surface treatment Oxidized, blackened, galvanized, zinc plated, etc.
Application Widely used in automotive, textile, printing and packaging equipment, sewing equipment, office equipment, laser engraving equipment, tobacco, financial equipment, stage lighting, communication food machinery, medical machinery, steel machinery, petrochemical, instrumentation, various precision machine tools And other fields.


Product Details

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The Advantages of Our Shaft Coupling
Shaft coupling refers to a device that connects two shafts or shafts and a rotating member, which rotates together during the transmission of motion and power, and does not disengage under normal conditions. It is also used as a safety device to prevent the connected parts from being subjected to excessive loads and to protect against overload.
1. Transferability
2. Cushioning
3. Safe, reliable, with sufficient strength and service life.
4. Simple structure, easy to assemble, disassemble and maintain.
Product type
We can make customers’ satisfactory products according to the samples or drawings provided by customers. For the completion of a product, we also need to know his material, heat treatment requirements and surface treatment requirements. We are a factory with 40 years of manufacturing experience, welcome to consult.



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