Product Description



Product Description


Electric CHINAMFG HDPE Fittings is 1 kind of socket CHINAMFG machine. It has different with normal socket fittings. It has brass wire inside the fittings, it need use Electric CHINAMFG machine. Pipe outside dia is equal to fittings inside dia. So pipe can put inside the fittings. That’s the socket fusion. Normal size is OD 20-315mm. More easy operation compare to butt CHINAMFG . as the butt CHINAMFG machine is too heavy to move.
 It is used to connect HDPE pipes. hdpe electrofusion fittings connect by electric CHINAMFG welding machines, its easy operation. electrofusion coupler is used to connect 2 HDPE.


Hot melt pipe fittings,hdpe pipe coupling is produced by HDPE. it easy connect by HDPE socket welding machine easy operation. Socket CHINAMFG fittings size normally from OD20-OD110mm.HDPE pipe elbow, HDPE connect  by socket CHINAMFG machine. For Example ,HDPE pipe dia is OD 25mm, then we use 25mm socket CHINAMFG fittings, use socket CHINAMFG machine,to connect them together. Thread fittings have female and male fittings, Like socket, elbow and tee. Also have socket valves to control.


Fusion machine





Characters of pipe



Unique Design:
Choose the maximum high pressure design, guarantee system security.
Accurate marking line of insertion depth and angle, saving time and construction cost.



Superior Materials:
We choose imported specialized resin suitable for pipe to produce PE fittings.



Lean Production:
With sophisticated injection mold, automatic production, the dimension of pipe fitting is precise.



Guarantee the stability of product size.



Long Life:
More than 50 years under normal conditions.


Our Advantages

1. No shrinkage, deformation, porosity and other defects;
2. No overflow burr, and the heating wires are arranged in order;
3. Install the indicator hole cover cap before water cooling;
4. The pointer of PE conversion seal and batch number seal can be rotated;

Company Profile


Our History

ZheJiang KANGYU Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality HDPE pipes, PPR pipes, PVC pipes, and pipe fittings. The company is located near the HangZhou Port, an important transportation hub of China, which facilitates the delivery of products to the market and enables efficient and convenient logistics.

Founded in 2009, KANGYU has a total of 700 employees and 30 production lines. The company has an annual output value of 100 million US dollars and has attained ISO9001 certification and various quality systems certification. KANGYU’s products have been highly recognized by customers both domestically and internationally.

Main Products

HDPE Pipes and Pipe Fittings:
KANGYU provides HDPE pipes for water supply and gas transmission. The pipes have high flexibility, high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. The pipe fitting products include butt CHINAMFG fittings, electrofusion fittings, saddle clamps, and mechanical fittings, which are widely applied in municipal engineering, building water supply, gas pipeline, and coal mine drainage systems.

PPR Pipes and Pipe Fittings:
KANGYU offers a full range of PPR pipes for hot and cold water transportation. The pipes have excellent heat resistance, pressure resistance, and chemical resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, such as residential and commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, and schools. The PPR pipe fittings include socket CHINAMFG fittings, brass fittings, and welding instruments, which ensure a reliable and easy installation process.

PVC Pipes and Pipe Fittings:
KANGYU manufactures PVC pipes for drainage and electric conduits. The PVC pipes have superior corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, and low thermal conductivity. The pipe fittings are made of high-quality PVC materials, which provide excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance, and dimensional stability.

Positive Outlook

ZheJiang KANGYU Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of “quality first, customer first” and strives to provide customers with the best products and services. The company has a sound management system, advanced production technology, and a strong R&D team, which ensures the continuous improvement and innovation of product quality and performance.

In the future, ZheJiang KANGYU Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on the development of high-tech pipe products, actively explore new markets, and cooperate with partners to achieve mutual benefits and CHINAMFG results. We believe that through joint efforts, the company will have a brighter future and create value for both customers and society.

Our factory

    In order to build a modern factory, we invest in a series of professional mechanical equipment. The annual output amounts to 30000 tons, which can fill up 3000 containers.

The excellent machinery and consummate management system can reduce cost, shorten delivery time and ensure the quality of every product.




We have passed CE, SGS, ISO, CNAS, IAF certification and our products compound international standards



packaging & shipping


Q1: May I get 1 sample before placing order?
A: Yes, Sample are available. For normal products, samples are for free and you just need to bear the freight; For those high value products, you just need to freight and certain product cost. When we both cooperate for some times or when you are our VIP customer, free sample will be offered when you need.

Q2: Which payment is available for your company?
A: T/T, L/C or Ali trade insurance. You can choose the 1 which is convenient for you.

Q3: How and when can I get my goods after payment?
A: For small quantity products, they will be delivered to you by international courier(DHL, FedEx, TNT etc.) or by air. Usually it will cost 3-5days that you can get the goods after delivery. For large quantity products,shipping by see is worthwhile.It will cost days to weeks to come to your destination port, which depends on where the port is.

Q4: Is there any possible to use my appointed label or package?
A: Yes. If needed, we’d like to use label or package according to your requirement.

Q5: How can you guarantee the goods you offer is qualified?
A: We always believe honesty and responsibility are basis of 1 company, so whatever products we provide for you all are qualified. We will have goods tested and provide COA before delivery for sure.

Q6: Is the price on this page correct?
A: The listed price is only for reference, for latest price, pls contact us directly.

Q7: How can I get some samples?
A: We are honored to offer you free samples, just need to pay the freight cost. 

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sleeve coupling

Can Sleeve Couplings Accommodate Axial and Angular Misalignments Simultaneously?

Yes, sleeve couplings are designed to accommodate both axial and angular misalignments simultaneously. They offer a certain degree of flexibility, allowing them to compensate for minor misalignments between the shafts they connect. Here’s how sleeve couplings handle axial and angular misalignments:

1. Axial Misalignment:

Axial misalignment refers to the misalignment that occurs along the axis of the connected shafts. In other words, one shaft is slightly offset from the other along their common centerline. Sleeve couplings can tolerate a small amount of axial misalignment because of their flexible nature.

When axial misalignment occurs, the sleeve coupling can flex along its length, allowing the shafts to remain connected despite the slight offset. The coupling’s flexibility prevents excessive stress on the connected machinery and helps maintain a smooth torque transmission.

2. Angular Misalignment:

Angular misalignment, on the other hand, occurs when the two shafts are not perfectly aligned in the same plane. Instead, they form an angle with each other. Sleeve couplings can also accommodate a certain amount of angular misalignment.

When angular misalignment is present, the sleeve coupling can bend and twist slightly to compensate for the angle between the shafts. This ability to flex and twist ensures that the coupling can transmit torque efficiently and reduces the risk of premature wear or damage to the system.

Simultaneous Axial and Angular Misalignment:

Sleeve couplings are well-suited to handle both axial and angular misalignments simultaneously. When a system experiences both types of misalignments, the sleeve coupling’s flexibility allows it to adjust and compensate for both the axial offset and angular deviation between the shafts.

It is important to note that while sleeve couplings can handle some misalignments, excessive misalignments should be avoided to prevent excessive wear and premature failure of the coupling. Regular inspections and maintenance can help ensure that the coupling operates within its designed misalignment limits and maintains optimal performance in the motion control system.

In summary, sleeve couplings can simultaneously accommodate both axial and angular misalignments to a certain extent due to their flexible and forgiving design. However, it is essential to ensure that the system is well-aligned and that the coupling is regularly inspected to ensure it functions correctly and provides reliable power transmission in various industrial applications.

sleeve coupling

Are there Sleeve Couplings Suitable for Applications Requiring Electrical Insulation Between Shafts?

Yes, there are sleeve couplings specifically designed to provide electrical insulation between shafts in certain applications. These couplings are known as electrically insulated sleeve couplings. They are used in scenarios where electrical isolation is crucial to prevent the conduction of electric current between connected shafts.

Electrically insulated sleeve couplings typically feature a non-conductive material, such as ceramic or composite, as the coupling element. This material acts as an insulator, effectively preventing electrical contact between the shafts and eliminating the risk of electrical grounding or short circuits.

Applications that commonly require electrically insulated sleeve couplings include:

  • Electric Motors: In electric motor designs, the shaft may extend beyond the motor housing and come in contact with other components. An insulated coupling helps prevent current flow between the motor shaft and other conductive elements, enhancing safety and protecting sensitive components.
  • Generators: Similar to electric motors, generators may also benefit from insulated couplings to prevent electrical paths that could lead to undesired currents or disruptions.
  • High Voltage Equipment: In high voltage or electrical power transmission systems, insulated couplings are used to avoid potential electrical discharge between shafts.
  • Electrical Test Equipment: Test equipment that measures electrical properties may require electrically insulated couplings to ensure accurate readings and avoid interference.

When selecting electrically insulated sleeve couplings, it is crucial to consider the specific electrical requirements of the application. The coupling’s insulation resistance, voltage rating, and temperature capabilities should match the application’s electrical conditions.

Additionally, engineers must consider other factors such as torque requirements, shaft sizes, and misalignment compensation when choosing the appropriate electrically insulated sleeve coupling for their application.

It’s important to consult with coupling manufacturers or industry experts to ensure the selected electrically insulated sleeve coupling meets the desired electrical and mechanical performance requirements.

sleeve coupling

Can you Explain the Working Principle of a Sleeve Coupling and its Advantages in Various Industries?

A sleeve coupling operates on a simple and effective working principle, making it a versatile choice for various industries. The working principle and advantages of a sleeve coupling are as follows:

Working Principle:

A sleeve coupling connects two shafts with their ends aligned. The coupling consists of a hollow cylindrical sleeve that fits over the shaft ends. The inner diameter of the sleeve matches the outer diameter of the shafts, creating a snug fit. The sleeve coupling does not have any mechanical components like teeth, gears, or keys, relying on the friction between the shaft and the sleeve for torque transmission.

When one shaft rotates, it transfers torque to the sleeve coupling. The frictional force between the sleeve and the shaft causes the sleeve to rotate. As a result, the torque is transmitted from one shaft to the other through the sleeve, enabling power transmission between the two shafts. The sleeve coupling’s flexibility allows it to compensate for minor misalignments between the shafts, ensuring smooth torque transmission even when the shafts are not perfectly aligned.

Advantages in Various Industries:

Sleeve couplings offer several advantages that make them suitable for use in various industries:

  • Simple Design and Installation: Sleeve couplings have a straightforward design, making them easy to install and maintain. They do not require complex alignment procedures, which reduces setup time and associated costs in industrial applications.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Sleeve couplings are economical compared to other types of couplings. Their basic design and materials contribute to their cost-effectiveness, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious projects.
  • Flexibility and Misalignment Compensation: Sleeve couplings can accommodate slight angular and axial misalignment between the shafts. This flexibility is beneficial in applications where precise shaft alignment is challenging or when machinery experiences minor shifts during operation.
  • Shock Absorption and Vibration Damping: The flexibility of sleeve couplings allows them to dampen vibrations and absorb shocks, preventing them from transferring to connected machinery. This feature enhances the stability and reliability of mechanical systems, especially in applications with varying loads or operating conditions.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Sleeve couplings find applications in various industries, including general machinery, pumps, compressors, conveyors, and power transmission systems. They are well-suited for moderate torque and speed requirements in a diverse range of industrial settings.

While sleeve couplings offer significant advantages, they may not be suitable for applications with severe misalignment, high torque or speed requirements, or those that demand precise shaft alignment. In such cases, other types of couplings with specific features may be more appropriate. Proper selection and sizing of the sleeve coupling based on the application’s requirements ensure efficient and reliable power transmission, contributing to enhanced productivity and reduced downtime in various industries.

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